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Amalfi coast

The whole road from the peninsula of Sorrento up to Salerno, which also skirts Amalfi gulf, is the lovely Amalfi coast. This is probably the most beautiful part in the whole Camapania region, where humanity and nature match best. The whole Lattari mountains' row give directly to the sea, and create a beautifully jabbed coast. Private lawns and fields coexist with the natural beauty, typically Mediterranean. Part of the coast is still uncontaminated and untouched by human beings and whoever comes here will definitely get dumbstruck and fascinated by such beauty, where nature is mixed with local Folklore, culture, history, good food and old proverbs….

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Vietri sul Mare

Visit this page Vietri sul Mare

The first town along Amalfi coast that you find from Salerno is Vietri sul mare, so named after its position "on the sea". Its main monument is the St Giovanni Batti  [...continue]