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Today our buffaloes have been acknowledged as " Mediterranean Italian buffaloes", and not simply "Mediterranean". This is the very result of a long process of rearing and breeding typical local buffaloes, without letting any other species join in. Like other species, such as the so named podolic cattle, also buffaloes seem to have been brought to Italy through the barbaric invasions, probably by the Longobards. Some other scientists though, claim they were introduced by the Saracen and the Turks. According to the latter theory, buffaloes were first introduced to Sicily, and later on brought along up to Campania and Latium. Thanks to the buffaloes, several areas have been saved from thorough neglect and abandon. Rather, the very only agricultural and zootechnical activity in the Sele plain was the buffalo rearing, which enable people to produce cheese and the typical buffalo mozzarella. This has always been a very relevant and outstanding activity for our region. Today, thanks also to the land reclaiming and improvement process, the buffalo rearing is still widening and growing. Buffaloes are cured and taken care of. Where there used to be marshes and swamps, there are now fenced areas for buffaloes, endowed with even special patios to protect them from too hot temperatures. Health standards are highly respected and complied to. Buffalo's raw unpasteurized milk is used to mainly to produce out typical cheese, mozzarella.


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